April 12, 2016






Bachelor degree of Hands – on development of professional solo or group activities in pop and jazz music, Popular Music – Vocals.


About Zydre

  • Been teaching students ranging from complete beginners to those already working in the music industry for over fifteen years.
  • A highly respected vocal coach with innovative teaching methods
  • Spent most of her life in the music business with her first solo music CD being released at the age of 12
  • Lead Singer in a number of very successful Jazz, Rock, R&B, Soul and Funk bands
  • Played the lead role in many Musical Theater productions and TV projects
  • Been a judge at Junior Eurovision, Open Mic, Teen Star and many other prominent singing competitions in the UK and internationally
  • Produced and directed many musical productions and uses her expertise to help students to prepare for singing competitions
  • Has a friendly, relaxed and reassuring teaching style  that creates the perfect learning environment in which a student can grow to their full vocal potential.




Bachelor degree in Academy of music – music pedagogy and piano

Master degree in Fine Arts

Accompanist in theatre of ballet, National Opera Choir


About Velina

  •  Former accompanist in The Theatre of Ballet for the National Opera in her country
  •  Taught the piano internationally for over twenty years and has helped countless students pass their piano grades
  •  Passionate about teaching the piano and takes great pride in her work
  • classically trained pianist
  • Has a calm, reassuring and patient teaching style that creates the perfect environment to learn the piano






Bachelors degree honours in Songwriting and performance

Popular Music HND Diploma- Vocals


About Carina

  • Professional jazz singer with Latin/ jazz trio
  • Recording vocalist for professional music projects
  • Highly knowledgeable and creative teacher, who develops the student’s musical interest through teaching different styles and techniques
  • After many years of experience as a musician and songwriter, Carina has developed a great, friendly, fun and encouraging approach with individual and group teaching methods.





Post Graduate Degree of Piano and Singing at Balys Dvarionas Music College

Bachelors Degree of Music development at Vilnius University of Science

Performing Arts Students At West London Music University


About Eva

  • Lead pianist for many successful choirs and bands
  • Comes from a family of many successful musicians
  • Has been playing the piano for over 20 years
  • Classically trained pianist and Vocalist.
  • Has a calm, encouraging and patient teaching style that has helped her students achieve their grades and music goals